Web Design

Things to Consider When Designing a Website

There is quite a bit that goes into the creation of a beautiful and usable website. Web designers need to ensure the right appearance, functionality and navigation among other elements. However, these are no longer enough if you want your website to be a successful business tool. There are quite a number of things that have to be considered. Some of them are discussed as follows.

Define the Aim of the Site

Before you start designing the site, you have to clarify its aim. Every site has a purpose. Some sites are meant to sell while others are meant to inform. Some are designed to engage the customers while others try to convert them. The design, content and navigation of the site have to be in alignment with the aim of the site in order to give you the best results. You will have to identify the target audience of the site as well.

Ensure That It Is Mobile Friendly

These days, it is absolutely imperative that your site is mobile-friendly. These days, a person is more likely to use a phone to search and browse a site instead of waiting to go home and use a computer. As such, you will be losing out on engaging a lot of customers if your site is not mobile friendly. Google is emphasizing this aspect as well through its search engine algorithm. If you avoid it, your site is going to be penalized and pushed down the search rankings.

Think About the Content

The content placed on your site is incredibly important. It should not only be relevant but also engaging. It should be good enough to be shared as well. There are several reasons why you have to pay attention to the content of the site. It can drive more traffic to your site, improve your SEO and even improve customer experience. As such, start thinking about the content before the site gets designed.

Improve Functionality

There are several things which need to be taken into account when it comes to functionality. A site with a good functionality is one that works smoothly without running into issues. Consider the site from the viewpoint of a customer. The features of the site should work in the way expected.

Smoothen Navigation

This is an element that many forget about. Your customers should have no issues in browsing through your site. The links should be clearly displayed and the menu created with care. The hierarchy of links in the menu should be intuitive. Decrease the number of clicks required to visit the various sections of your site.

Implement SEO Guidelines

The best time to start thinking about the SEO of your site is when you are designing it. This reduces the time and effort you need to put in later. Some SEO steps you can take include the optimization of page URLs, image alt tag optimization and usage of SEO-friendly code among others.

Keeping these points in mind when designing the site will make it easier to attract customers. It also means you will be putting in less effort down the line to improve upon the design.