Spectral Innovation

A PLACE for INNOVATION – A major cornerstone of Spectral Applied Research’s core business is the research and development of custom optical instrumentation. Our business structure, operational policies and expertise are all cultivated to optimise this element of our business. Above all we nurture our creative environment and make it accessible to our clients.

OPENING the DOOR – Custom research and development takes many forms. Generally, our clients are interested in the application or study of optical techniques to a specific problem. Sometimes they have a well developed concept requiring additional expertise or facility. At other times they come with open ended challenges looking for creative ideas. Spectral prides itself in tackling all projects with the same enthusiasm and commitment that it applies to its most prestigious satellite instruments. Regardless of the size of the project or your knowledge of optics be assured that you will receive the highest level of attention.

REMOVING the BARRIERS – At Spectral we remove obstacles to innovation. All R&D projects have elements of risk, whether they result from technical challenges, financial limitations or external market forces. Spectral Applied Research recognizes how these risks can become hurdles that prevent good ideas from becoming great applicatons and products. Spectral has found success by being creative and flexible in how risks are mitigated and distributed. Talk to us about your expectations so we can find an approach appropriate to you.

MEETING EXPECTATIONS – Meeting a client’s expectations for cost and schedule are paramount considerations for us at Spectral. To help us meet these expectations we apply proven project management principles to all projects, large and small. Our goal is to keep you satisfied and informed.

BE ASSURED – Please do not hesitate to ask if you require an NDA to be in place before we talk.