How to Overcome Challenges with 360 Performance Review?

An organization when decides to implement 360-degree feedback or 360-degree appraisal system, is bound to face many challenges from the employees. Many employees who have become used to traditional evaluation tools may object to the use of modern tools like 360 performance review. However, employers need to assure their employees that modern performance tools are far better than their ancestor tools. This is because unlike the traditional tools, 360-degree review tool will perfectly assess the performance of their employees.

  360 degree review

Why Companies Are Going For This Tool?

Companies are becoming well-aware of the limitations that come with traditional performance reviews. Previously, the reviews that were conducted through traditional tools were mostly biased one. It was seen that some employees were given more support than others. As a result many employees felt that they were not getting fair treatment.

Hence, when 360-degree feedback was introduced for reviewing the performance of employees, many employees felt that this tool too would not evaluate them fairly. However, using this tool helped organizations avoid any form of bias and hatred among employees.

Thus, the main goal of introducing 360 performance review is to enhance the productivity of the workforce and strengthening behavior of an employee against others.

Overcoming Challenges

If 360-degree feedback is executed properly, it can improve workplace communication, organization culture and great performance of employees. However, if it is not implemented properly or employees are educated, it faces challenges. The ways to handle the challenges are mentioned below:

Defining the Objective

Employers should try to define the purpose of using 360 performance review tool to their employees. By defining its purpose, it can help employers to avoid any sort of doubt and confusion. For example, the tool can help in improving the skills of a person and also planning for a development program.360 performance review

Solid Communication

While communicating with employees, employers should include a clear message and deliver it in various ways. More amount of information is communicated to employers; it can help to avoid confusion or resistance. In fact, an employer should be ready to answer the queries of employees.

Given Enough Time

Even if the tool is implemented, employers should give time to their employees to understand it. An employee should be able to understand that the tool is not designed for biased judgment, but for a series of evaluation from others. Sample of the 360 performance review process along with time should be given so that employee understands it.

Preparing Employees

Employers shouldn’t jump and start using the tool. Before rolling out the tool, employers should make the employees prepared for it through orientation courses. It can help in building trust. They should be taught to remain open to accept all kind of feedback.

Helping to Understand Raters Can Make Difference

An employee should be made to understand that the raters they received can help them to become more efficient and effective. The raters of 360 performance review can be used to introduce development program for employees.

When introduction to performance review is done in a proper manner, it can help to overcome the challenges. Once the challenges are removed the tool can be of great benefit for the business.